Each day in Uganda is new and exciting. A proportion ofElephant each day is spent journeying from one place of safari attractions to another. The tours cover large distances and include plenty of highlights. Our belief is that its the sum of experiences on the expedition that makes an overland journey special.

We travel together, learn from each others cultures and form a strong, supportive and fun team.

A day with us starts when the sun comes up - we try and live by natures time table and use as may daylight hours as possible. If you are camping, by night fall, tents are already set. A small of looking fills the air. Sometime we go fishing and roast first thereafter. Sit on camp fires and chat about the days adventures, you play card, sometime african culture music. A day in Uganda is always different from others.


In our tours, our guides do most of the work. So your participation in camp chores is limited.

Food and Drinks
We do all the cooking if you want us to because a customer is always a king and Vegeterians are easily catered for. We make all traditional favourities.

In some places we do camping and in other parks we stay in Hostels or Hotels depending on ones preference. A sleeping bag is always necessary and if you dont have one, it can be lined from us. Most camp sites have toilets and others have even hot showers.

Visas & Passports
Check all the visa requirements for all countries that will be travelling through. Remember Visas are your responsiblity. Make use of a visa service to obtain the visas you need or if you have time contact the applicable embassies directly. Your passport should be valid for atleast six months (6) after your intended departure dates from Uganda.

All people who participate in a safari tour need to be in good health because you can pay for your gorilla permit but due to poor health, you could be refused to trek. Please ensure you advise us on medical before you travel.

Malaria is a real concern in many parts of Africa, especially during the rainy season. Our advice is simple, prevent getting bitten by using an insect repellent and use an effective prophylactic. Speak to your Doctor before selecting your malaria prophylaxis.

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